• Matt Black

Why Not Me? 3 Easy Ways to Restore Faith in Yourself at Work

Being down in the dumps at work is completely normal – everyone’s been there at some point or another.

Self-doubt can paralyze even the most confident and accomplished professionals. It’s natural to lose faith in yourself from time-to-time, especially when things aren’t going your way. A few bad breaks or less than fruitful ideas can really upset the apple cart when it comes to your morale.

While it’s hard to tie a bow on the perfect remedy for restoring faith in yourself at work (remember, each of us is battling a million different life variables in these kinds of situations), here are a few strategies you can use to lift yourself up:

Act like you’ve been there before

The way you carry yourself is going to have a direct impact on how you feel about where you’re at.

Take the extra few minutes to present yourself the way you normally would – despite not feeling fully confident at this time. Some would suggest that it’s even more important than normal to put your best foot forward at times like these.

Oh, and this stretches beyond what you choose to put on in the morning!

Greet your colleagues as you pass them in the halls. Speak up during meetings and express your ideas. Participate in different events around the office. This isn’t to say that you should put on an Oscar-worthy performance, pretending that everything is a-okay. However, you might need to put in a little extra effort to act like your old self.

Help others

Sometimes, the easiest way to validate your skills/abilities is to remind yourself what it is you bring to the table.

Even if your efforts are in support of someone else’s project or help shine the light on others, you’ll feel good about your contributions and most importantly, remagnetize your internal compass.

Helping others can also expose you to different parts of the business and perhaps more importantly, new colleagues who you may not have collaborated with before. It’s moments like these which might land you in some exciting, previously uncharted waters at work.

Quick wins go a long way

Even if they’re small, check a few little things off your “To-Do” list to help set things in the right direction.

An email here or a meeting there can help boost you and let’s be honest – when you’re up against it, just gaining traction on an initiative you’ve cooked up or some positive words in your inbox can put a smile on your face.

These interactions often generate some great energy and might just be enough to stoke the fires of enthusiasm within. Something as simple as coming up with a new system to organize your mail folders or mapping out your work on a whiteboard in a different way could provide the spark you need.

The most important thing is to remember that everyone gets stuck in a rut throughout different points of their career. We all lose faith in our abilities or question if we’re where we’re supposed to be. Don’t be afraid to seek out extra support when you need it and remind yourself often that it’s healthy to vent about these things to the ones you trust and love the most.

How do you “snap out of it” when you lose faith in yourself at work? Are there other tips you could share with others out there looking to regain their self-confidence? Please reply below using the ‘Comments’ button.


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