• Matt Black

The Cure of Creativity

Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

If that doesn’t sum up the power of creativity, I’m not quite sure what can!

The world is brimming with people who at the root of the word are creators, individuals looking to make their mark on the world using the written/spoken word, music, art, film, technology, dance plus a million and one other mediums to harness and leverage creativity.

Some do so to make a living, others simply seeking an outlet to express themselves.

So what’s with humanity’s obsession with creativity? Why does being creative have such a firm grasp on our collective psyches and overall human experience?

In my experience, creativity can completely transform a person.

Tapping into creativity can elevate your abilities in the professional world, alleviate stressors in your life with an uncanny healing affect and allow you to tap into your full potential.

If you ask me, you should pursue your creative interests and outlets, whatever they may be.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll experience by making time for creativity:

Work, work, work, work, work, work

Opening up his TED Talk “Tales of Creativity and Play,” CEO of design firm IDEO Tim Brown asks his audience – mostly strangers to one another – to draw one another in 30 seconds. After some nervous laughter (and presumably awful drawings!), he puts forth this experiment as “evidence that we fear the judgment of our peers – we’re embarrassed about showing our ideas.” He continues on to say that “this fear causes us to be conservative in our thinking,” and that “adults enter a new experience and tend to want to categorize it just as quickly as we can – but we need to be more open to possibilities.”

The rest of the presentation is excellent, but Brown highlights the fact that “playfulness helps us do our jobs better and helps us feel better when we do them.” Being creative, ultimately, helps show us our limits – both good and bad – and increases our capacity for problem-solving.

You’d be surprised at how productive you’ll find yourself by embracing creativity and approaching situations at the office with an open mind. It’s very easy to get bogged down by conventional thinking or the “we’ve always done things this way so it is what it is” mindset. But really, you’re only costing yourself the opportunity to achieve results you may not have thought possible.

Creativity can unlock under-utilized abilities and get you closer to your objectives – and probably more quickly than you think!

This is ourselves, under pressure

Life in 2016 moves at a breakneck pace.

Inbox Zero can often feel unattainable, our weekends are jam-packed with family, friends and social events and there’s seemingly less and less time to appreciate the world we’ve built around us. Taking the time to embrace creativity and pursue whatever activities that tap into that part of your personality can be genuinely therapeutic.

Maybe you like to draw. Or perhaps you’re the truest version of yourself when you’re dancing. Does the musical instrument you play relax you?

Regardless, creativity has the ability to bring you peace and a sense of calm. It provides a refuge from the worry and stresses of daily life and can transport you to another place.

As I grow older, I find that I’m relying more and more on creativity to maintain a sense of balance in my life. Writing serves as a release and an outlet for me to focus on things I’m passionate about and gives me a sense of validation as I seek to provide my community with value and pragmatic insights they can use themselves.

Creativity, in this sense, is an escape.

All of the lights

At its core, creativity is connecting ideas, people, places, problems… it’s really just looking at things differently.

But that’s a fairly rudimentary analysis.

To learn more about the science of creativity, I encourage you to check out Jess Marranco’s piece for Hubspot. She explores the “Four-C” Model of creativity in further detail and also links to a great video on the concept of synesthesia. In my mind, this piece serves as a perfect breakdown of what creativity is, how it can benefit you and the reasons we gravitate towards it.

If you ask me, creativity allows for one to be clear on what they are capable of… an unclogging of the mind through the elimination of doubt.

Take a look around you.

Creativity is alive and well.

For instance, consider the possibilities that your smartphone offers you. Bright minds who refuse to take no for an answer or never allow a lack of belief to stop them from pursuing their ideas have made the previously unheard of completely possible! Video calls across the globe can be made by pushing one or two buttons and in real-time. Maybe I’m a nerd, but this blows my mind.

The key to remember is that innovators in today’s world acknowledge (and harness!) the power of creativity and seek to solve problems that we all face.

How do you view creativity in your professional life? How about your personal life? Do you see any added benefits by embracing creativity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Please use the Comment section below to share your thoughts!


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