• Matt Black

Learning as a Leader

You’re in charge now. You get to say “yes” and “no” to whatever you’d like. You decide which direction your team is going to go. Your decisions are final.

But that doesn’t mean that you get to stop learning and growing as a leader!

It’s incredibly important to recognize the responsibilities that come with each and every leadership opportunity you are fortunate to receive. By following these learning strategies, you can guarantee that you’ll remain at the top of your game as a leader.

Listen to your team

Your people typically know best. They are closer to your customers than you are, spend more time with your products and services… they can teach you more than you may ever realize. One of the more significant ways that you can leverage your team is by asking for their input whenever possible. Asides from the obvious empowerment that this provides them with, it also opens you up to fresh perspectives through their eyes, which may have otherwise been out of your reach. Perhaps your next great business decision lies in their day-to-day experiences?

Network with like-minded professionals

To remain relevant and competitive in today’s marketplace, leaders must keep tabs on their competition. Understanding what you are up against and who you’re working to surpass is a key exercise in your own personal growth and development as a leader. Networking provides you with insights and ideas towards assessing your own team’s place in the overall scheme of things. It also opens the door for new business connections and opportunities that may elevate your organization’s performance.

Identify areas of improvement… and act on them

We all have things we know we need to improve on – and in order to learn as a leader, you have to proactively find ways to better yourself. Professionally and personally, it’s vital for those in positions of leadership to grow. But it isn’t enough to simply identify your shortcomings. Find solutions for them! Learn how to counteract them, or eliminate them entirely. The work we put in to enhance our personality, skillsets and overall outlook will positively affect your experience as a leader.

Study & emulate the best

In most instances, it’s better to follow the trails that others have blazed rather than re-inventing the wheel. When it comes to being a leader, it’s important to study your most successful counterparts. Regardless of your industry or position, one can extrapolate a lot from great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill and many others. Why take unnecessary risks when you’re making important decisions? Doesn’t it make more sense to see how others have handled similar situations, and what the results have been? Spend the extra time discovering who you want to emulate – you will learn more about yourself as a leader by learning more about other leaders.

What do you do to stay sharp as a leader? Are there any specific areas you continue to grow and develop in? Feel free to discuss in the Comments section below!


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