• Matt Black

How to Get Results as a Leader... & Keep Them!

We’ve all been there before as leaders. Your team is firing on all cylinders; operations are like clockwork, you’ve exceeded your targets… things couldn’t be better! And then POOF!

They aren’t.

How do you react? Who’s to blame? What happened? Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to handle success. Everyone’s reactions are different, which is what makes retention strategies such an important part of the process. More simply put, there’s some finesse required to achieve results and maintain them.

Redirect the glory

Even though team success is intrinsically tied to (and dependent on) leadership – i.e. great decisions and effective strategizing typically translates into positive results – it’s critical you shine the spotlight on your people.

Some will tell you to make sure you share in the glory – but I think there’s too much to be gained from ensuring your team feel validated and empowered to be worried about that. Especially if you want to maintain the high level of performance! ‘To the victor go the spoils’ is the saying, right? Trust me – there’s always a reward (and high demand) for leaders who know how to get the best out of their teams.

Reinforce (and repeat) great habits and processes

As elementary as it sounds, pay attention to the exact things your team does to achieve outstanding results.

If we allow ourselves as leaders to become too far removed from projects and deadlines, there’s a good chance we will miss things like habits and processes. When you witness a member of your team do something positive – let them hear it! Leaders can’t just speak up when things go wrong. Little victories have to be celebrated as a means of reinforcement.

The team will respond to your desire for repetition – especially if they know there’s incentive in it for them! The last thing you want to have to do is go back to the drawing board in an effort to recapture past successes. This will cost you nothing but time and energy. Oh, and money.

Realign your expectations

Even after your team has successfully completed a project, it’s wise to take a step back and adjust your perspective. What does this mean for the business? What will expectations be moving forward? How can we improve?

The short answer to all of those questions is this: success raises the bar.

Automatically, more will be asked of both you as a leader, and of your team members themselves. In order to maintain or surpass your newly acquired results, you’ll have to make sure your people know that this is the new benchmark. By realigning your expectations as a leader, your team will be able to realign their own performance objectives – which will put you all on the same page and prime you for repeated success.

Recharge your team

Everybody needs to reset and recharge. That’s not just a generalization – it’s a fact!

If you expect your people to perform consistently and approach their roles and clients with energy and enthusiasm, a break in the action is a must. As the leader, it’s on you to make sure your team is taking every opportunity they can to throttle down. And it’s not enough to suggest it – enforce it! Organize meetings or events with your team that don’t revolve around current topics at the office. Part of your efforts to recharge your team should also focus on the strength of their bond.

More simply put, are they invested in one another as people and not just colleagues? Creating non-work related opportunities for them to engage one another will no doubt help your results down the road.

How do you maintain the results your team achieves? Are there any specific methods you use to reinforce positive trends and performance? Feel free to discuss in the Comments section below!



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