• Matt Black

5 Sure-Fire Strategies to Help You Gain Buy-In From Your Team

Some of the greatest teams of all time – regardless of whether they were on the field or in the boardroom – had leaders who recognized the importance of ‘buy-in.’ You can spend all the time in the world trying to force your people to do this or that… but if they don’t genuinely believe in you or what you’re asking them to do, things aren’t going to work out.

Here are 5 proven strategies that you can use to ensure your team excels!

Include them

Your people are dying to do more. They have opinions and ideas that are bubbling over inside of them. They want to be afforded additional responsibilities. They want to be given the keys to the car every once in a while.

And provided you have built a team that is closely aligned with organizational objectives and capable of performing at an above-expectation clip… include them! Far too often, leaders create a level of separation between them and their subordinates. This form of exclusion is already costing you money and productivity, in addition to harming your team’s psyche, emotional intelligence, motivation and commitment.

Spend more time listening to your people. See things through their eyes for once. Build a sturdy, transparent bridge (don’t look down!) between you and your team, so they can feel enabled, supported and productive.

Show them

What good is a record-breaking quarter or new sales milestone if you’re the only one who sees the impact?

Everybody deserves to see how their efforts have directly affected the big picture. After all, that’s why the hard workers work hard. It is your responsibility as a leader to find ways to show them. In some cases, it’s easy – “Our numbers are way up this month due to the extra time you’ve been putting in!” In others, not so much – “I’ve been walking around the building and our employees look happier thanks to your policy change!”

Even though one of these scenarios is backed by tangible results, the other one is equally validating as a clear impact has been made, evidenced by an increase in morale. As a leader, you’re only as good as your team – and your team needs to be shown how good they are!

Develop them

Having a team that is committed to learning and growing makes a leader’s role much more viable. After all, the “same old, same old” approach just isn’t good enough in the hyper-competitive space we live and work in.

Finding ways to develop your people should be a significant part of every leader’s day-to-day. Naturally, humans are wired to seek opportunities for progress and crave advancement. Sometimes, however, they need to be developed in a particular fashion – and it’s your responsibility to steer them the right way! Investing in your people doesn’t necessarily translate into high costs. However, failing to spend the necessary time on your team’s development will likely hurt you much more financially.

Identify the areas that you a) feel that they will benefit most from and b) that they will want to grow in, and build a development plan specific to each member of your team. More than anything, spending the time with your people will show them that you are legitimately committed to bettering them and the team as a whole.

Criticize them

It can’t all be roses, right? Showing your people you mean business is a necessary component of being a results-oriented leader. Sometimes, you have to lay the hammer down.

But are you coaching while you criticise? Is the negative energy associated with your stern message being delivered in a way that your team can channel it into positive change? It’s important to recognize the power of criticism in terms of building credibility with your people. The fact of the matter is this – leaders must have difficult conversations, make tough and unpopular decisions, and ultimately, risk it all to be successful.

People respect leaders who are able to perform these necessary tasks and understand that from time to time, they will be involved directly with them. It’s all in how you handle yourself in these situations that counts moving forward. Your team will appreciate your honesty and will want to bounce back, especially if they are provided with a clear blueprint on how to improve and get better.

Trust them

You have implemented a strategy from the beginning, and built a team that is well aware of what is expected of them… the meetings have been held, goals and objectives set… everyone’s just waiting on you to get out of the way!

Trust in any relationship is massive – many would say the single most important element. It’s no different for you as the leader of a team. If you’re constantly second-guessing decisions, putting up road blocks, meddling in minute details… you’re showing your people that you don’t trust them.

Look, you wouldn’t have surrounded yourself with the people you’ve got if you didn’t feel they were cut out for your world. Allow them to infuse their team with their perspectives, experience and expertise. Keep the faith. Let your team lead the way whenever possible. It’s an incredible feeling for both a leader and their people to realize that they trust one another.

How do you ensure that your team knows without a shadow of a doubt that you are committed to them as a Leader? How does your team ‘buy-in?’ Feel free to share your strategies in the Comments section below!



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