• Matt Black

4 Quick Ways to Inspire Your Team on a Daily Basis

Leading others has always given me an adrenaline rush.

There’s something so satisfying about strategic plans coming to fruition and watching your employees perform at their highest levels – especially when you’ve played a part in the process, no matter how big or small.

But the reality is that every team goes through productivity peaks and valleys. For a variety of reasons, deadlines slide, output decreases and morale sags under the weight of pressures, both in and out of your control.

So, how can you spark your team back to life?

What can you do as a leader to help your people remain on point, no matter what obstacles they face?

Well, the truth is – sometimes it doesn’t take much.

Especially if you’re consistent and engaging in your approach.

No matter how big or small your team may be, taking assertive action and setting your people up for success every single day will generate goodwill and strengthen your bond.

Here are four simple ways that will help you remind your employees of their potential: 


At first, it might seem counter-intuitive, but give them more to do.

Every employee wants to feel needed and relied upon – so help them experience something new or provide an environment where your people can challenge themselves.

By delegating, you’re letting the employee know that you trust them and have confidence in their abilities to perform.

The fact is, however, that’s not going to happen if you just leave your employees to their own devices and trust that they’re doing what’s expected of them.

I’d argue that nobody with aspirations to climb the career ladder is happy just doing the same old, same old, day in and day out.

Knowing that’s the case, challenge your team with new, interesting opportunities to shine whenever they arise.


It doesn’t get easier than this.

A simple text or email lets your employees know that you’re always quick email or phone call away, no matter the subject matter or circumstances.

This might not seem like much, but it can make a world of difference – especially when everyone is at their busiest.

People in positions of prominence are accustomed to being heads down in their own work.

But it’s incumbent upon effective leaders to stay connected with their people, especially those who work remotely or in a different location than the rest of the team.

Never underestimate the power of a quick check-in. You never know when your team may need it the most.


This one can be interpreted a few ways.

For starters, it’s important to leverage any established recognition platforms at your disposal to let your people know that they are appreciated.

Sharing a team member’s accomplishments in front of them and their peers can reinforce that their efforts are effective and appreciated.

But an equally valuable form of recognition comes when the employee isn’t in the room. Giving a shout out in meetings where they aren’t present or acknowledging them to your own manager when you’re reporting up can create a magical moment down the road.

For instance, if the employee being recognized behind closed doors happens to hear that this is the case (think of your boss seeing them in the hall and remarking “Hi Jane, I was speaking with ____ and they were telling me how great your event was last week!)…

Think of how valued and special that person will feel! Knowing you were recognizing them beyond the more standard “thank you” for a job well done will pay off down the road. Employees who have a clear sense of how much you appreciate them will be much more willing to go the extra mile for you and the company. 


One of the best ways to motivate your team is to demonstrate that you trust them.

And what better way to do that than by offering up insights or information that they may otherwise not be privy to.

Now of course, discretion must be used in these situations. Some details or conversations are best left confidential.

But your team wants to know what’s going on above them – so bring them up to your level and let them in on some of the more strategic workings that they may be unaware of.

Sharing information is a sure-fire sign of a healthy relationship between a leader and their people. If everyone is under the same impressions and operating with identical knowledge, it’s far more likely you’re going to achieve your intended results. 

There are far more ways that you can practice effective leadership and inspire your team on a day-to-day basis. What have you found works best? Let me know some of the tips and tricks you’ve discovered throughout your career in the Comments below. If you’re looking for blog content or web copy for your small business, send me an email at mb@mattblackink.com and let’s chat! 

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