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These past few weeks have been crazy. I won 1st overall at the World Yo-Yo Championships in Tokyo. Spent some time basking in my victory by the pool at the Ritz Carlton South Beach in Miami. I crossed continents and toured a vineyard in Bordeaux, France. Hitched a ride to the Big Apple and people-watched while strolling through Washington Square Park. I threw a cut on and went to Bike Night in Fort Worth, TX. I went blueberry picking in Sharon, MA... and STILL had time to make it to Hunter's 4th Birthday Party in Fresno, CA. Okay, so maybe I didn't literally do all these things in all those places... But it sure feels like I did! That's the power of Snapchat, which is quickly cementing itself as my favourite social media platform out there today. With a legitimate community that is honest, supportive, creative and genuine, my "Snapchat Fam" is everything that's right about social... all in 10 seconds or less. So what is it about Snapchat - the platform that a lot of people "just don't get" - that has helped it become part of my daily ritual? Are there certain qualities about the UX itself that make it more enjoyable to consume content on? Of course, I have my reasons for loving the time I spend viewing Snapchat stories and creating snaps myself... but I figured I would ask my community for some assistance.