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The search is over. Hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of resumes have breached your company’s walls, countless rounds of interviews have been held, third and fourth opinions have been offered up… and you’ve finally made your decision. The new hire starts on Monday. …Fast forward three months… Signs of progress for your greenest employee are nowhere to be found. The rest of the team has weighed in (privately or otherwise) and he or she “just isn’t getting it.” Things aren’t working out. You’ve trained them well, given them the resources you figured they needed… what gives? It’s time to consider the fact it might not be them after all... maybe it’s you. Have you ever taken a step back and thoroughly examined the process you’ve implemented to build your team? Because don’t kid yourself: that’s the key to everything in terms of producing results that everyone can be proud of. It’s all about the process. Building a winning team is almost entirely dependent on understanding what you’re looking for in an employee. And I’m talking more than just the tired clichés – everyone is a “driven,” “versatile” “problem solver” on paper. How, when and why you do certain things while you’re vetting candidates can make or break your success and retention rates. As you work towards building a winning team, here are a few critical stages of the process (in no particular order) you need to nail every time.